CNS supports Amarillo Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Fajita Festival

May 20, 2016

CNS Pantex was a proud sponsor of the Amarillo Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Cinco de Mayo Fajita Festival in downtown Amarillo, where locals enjoyed live music and an entire block of fajita tasting.
fajita festival 1.jpg
2016 CNS Pantex cook team at Cinco de Mayo Fajita Festival in downtown Amarillo. (From left: Richard Sifuentez, Danny Brito, Stevie Sena, Joshua Gerken, Corey Strickland, John Herrera, Jesse Beyers and Kenny Steward.) Photo by John Ebling.

“I had a great time representing CNS and hanging out with old friends,” said Stevie Sena, Pantex quality operations. “It was work, but I got to visit with good people while handing out food.”

Pantex cook team volunteers spent the day making fresh pico de gallo and testing their grilling skills in hopes of creating the best fajitas on the block. Although the team didn’t place in this year’s competition, everyone enjoyed the experience.

“Even though the judges disagreed, I believe our fajitas were the best!” said Corey Strickland, Pantex deputy plant manager. “It was an honor to be part of the team and fun to be part of celebrating the Mexican-American culture.”

The fajita festival is just one of the many Amarillo Hispanic Chamber of Commerce events CNS participates in throughout the year.