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Wildlife management at Pantex falls within the responsibility of the Environmental … Pantex has been especially active in wildlife research in recent years and much of this is …
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and Executive Orders drive land and wildlife management. Land and wildlife management at Pantex exceeds minimum … Natural Resources Planning at Pantex includes: …
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Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC honored for small business achievement … Pantex, UPF and Y-12 engineers … Work with migratory birds nets U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service award nomination …
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Historical Pantex: A village is born … Wild Pantex – Bird of the Day: The Curve-Billed Thrasher … Pantexans brave the cold at December food drive … Pantex FD: Trained to respond to most …
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Wildlife Management … Pantex Plant has several national security missions that protect our country and our allies around the world. Providing the nuclear deterrent for our nation and …
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Working with site management to maintain a healthful work environment … Providing health ​examinations in support of duty requirements … Wildlife Management …
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As part of November’s Native American Indian Heritage Month, it was a fitting tribute to consider the unique relationship that Native Americans had with a bird that Pantex … wildlife
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Pantex’s five-turbine 11.5 megawatt total capacity wind farm is not only fueling the plant but also fostering research. The wind farm is furthering its collaboration … Wildlife Management …
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One of my favorite prairie birds is the Dickcissel. This native sparrow resembles a miniature meadowlark with its yellow breast and black bib. The … By James D. Ray, wildlife biologist …
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Pantex Plant was selected by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) as the High Explosive Center of Excellence (HE CoE) for manufacturing of HE, and as … Wildlife Management …
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