CNS sites offer gateways to exciting careers

  • Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2023, 2:00 pm

Apprenticeships are vital gateways to Pantex careers

Apprenticeships are a gateway to successful Pantex careers. In one program, Pantex works with the AmTech Career Academy to train high school students who can then apply what they will learn at Amarillo College before finally joining the Pantex workforce.

The partnership positions students as future production technicians, according to Zuleyma C., a Pantex recruiter.

“If a student has that program credential, they qualify to test here,” she explained. “From there, it’s really where their talent takes them.”

The partnership is part of a long-term strategy that recognizes the potential promise for both CNS, which gains a better-prepared future workforce, and the students themselves.

“Recruiting and training the next generation for skilled trades positions is beneficial for both the individual and the industry,” said Ricky A., senior manager of mission systems and integration at Pantex sister site Y-12. “Training young people for skilled trades jobs is essential for addressing the skills gap that exists in many industries. Many skilled trades jobs require specialized training and knowledge that is not easily transferable. By recruiting and training the next generation, Y-12 can ensure that we have a skilled workforce that can meet our country’s mission needs, both now and in the future.”

Dave T., a high-explosives manufacturing supervisor at Pantex, appreciates the benefit of workers who bring a higher degree of skill from their first day on the job.

“Since technology is changing on a daily basis,” he explained. “We have a responsibility to stay on top of the job market and bring those fine folks into our family.”

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