EMInS improves communications during emergencies

  • Posted: Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 12:00 am

Pantex Emergency Management just received a giant communications boost with the installation of the Emergency Management Information System, or EMInS. Y 12, the Pantex sister site, has used EMInS for many years. The addition at Pantex brings the two sites closer in their management of emergency events.

Maribel Martinez, Brenda Graham and Greg Roddahl learn about EMInS

Pantex Emergency Services now uses the Emergency Management Information System, or EMInS. From left: Maribel Martinez, Brenda Graham and Greg Roddahl.

“Pantex and Y-12 are required to maintain an Emergency Management Department to oversee activities needed during an emergency that may affect employees, the public or the environment,” said Daniel Gleaves, Emergency Services senior manager at Pantex. “Y-12 has an outstanding Emergency Management Department, and EMInS is one of the primary reasons.”

EMInS is an interactive computer program used to provide real-time information, data, graphics, maps and video capabilities necessary to efficiently manage an emergency. The software provides a structured means of recording emergency information and sharing it among Emergency Response Organization cadre members.

Maribel Martinez, Emergency Management Program section manager said, “The implementation of EMInS at Pantex starts the integration of resources, datasets and information throughout Pantex and Y-12. These improvements are designed to enhance coordination efforts. It is a tool our ERO can use to ensure constant situational awareness and helps to create a common operating picture to improve our operations and information processes to ensure the safety of our employees and our neighbors.”

The Pantex EM team works closely with its National Nuclear Security Administration counterparts to continuously revitalize the ERO.

Gleaves said, “We continually review our plans to look for improvement opportunities. EMInS is one of those opportunities. Using this system will allow us to communicate all issues involved in an emergency. Team members can discuss specific issues on private team boards or submit updates, questions or suggested media facts to appropriate EMInS users.”

A phased implementation of EMInS capabilities will allow state and local agencies some access to the system. These agencies participate in Pantex drills and exercises and would respond in the event of a real emergency. EMInS will help in coordination of response efforts and information flow; this will improve communication and performance.

“We recently provided EMInS training to members of the ERO team followed by a drill.” Gleaves said. “We were very pleased with the outcome and look forward to showing how the software enhances our performance during upcoming drills and exercises,” he added.