I am mission success: Michael R.

  • Posted: Monday, April 8, 2024, 9:16 am

Pantex custodian Michael R.
Take 5 minutes and learn about Pantex custodian Michael R. He’s only been here at Pantex for a few months, providing a fresh perspective of beginning a new career here with pride in the job. Whether it’s working directly on a weapon or helping co-workers keep their area clean, every job done successfully moves us one step further down the road to Mission Success. And as we discover with many fellow employees, Pantex may not have been on their occupational radar when they started out, but they’re extremely glad to be part of the team now.

“Working at Pantex was never on my radar when I was younger,” according to Michael. “In fact, I did not know about Pantex until I moved up here about 8 years ago. When I was younger, my goal was to become a math teacher. I was able to accomplish that goal but it only lasted for 3 years when I realized it wasn’t what I had envisioned.”

Michael went back into his original career of retail management, and like so many others was working his way up that corporate ladder when he was promoted and transferred to the Texas Panhandle.

“At that time, I was in management for a large retail company, but God had a different path set for me about 1 year ago, and well, the rest is history. I am a born-and- raised Texan and have always loved my country. I grew up in a time where you said the pledge of allegiance in school everyday. That instilled a pride for my country at an early age that has not wavered no matter how much times have changed. Knowing what we do out here at Pantex for our country gives me great pride in my work.

Being at Pantex only a few months allows him to offer a fresh perspective you only get when starting a new job, and he has some sound advice for anyone beginning a career here.

“For a new employee, have patience with the company. Things move a bit slower out here compared to other jobs. I would encourage anyone to remember where you came from before you were hired on out here, so you can reflect on how much a blessing it is to work here. “

Why are you mission success?
“My dad taught me to work hard, be honest, respect those around you, do your best if not more, and to work well with others. It wasn’t always easy, but having those expectations instilled in you at a young age has helped me become a part of mission success.”

What is the greatest strength you bring to your organization?
“I believe my greatest strength I bring is my work ethic. I believe what I do for Pantex will make it a better, cleaner, and more functional work place than before.”

As an employee, how do you want to be remembered?
“I am a people person and getting to know people on my job and seeing what their needs are allows me to take care of them. I know when they are taken cared of, that makes their day better which in turn allows them to be more productive for Pantex. All I want to be remembered for is that when I leave Pantex, it will look and function better than when I first arrived.”

What would your coworkers be most surprised to learn about you as you plan for retirement?
“I was a high school math teacher and coached UIL Math and Number Sense team. I enjoy reading, working in the garden and spending time with the grandchildren. Reading relaxes me, the garden allows me to take satisfaction in growing something, and I love my grandchildren. I think the one thing I am looking forward to when I retire is spending more time with my grandchildren. And, to travel to Europe and to experience the history there. Also, find a hobby. I have known several people who retire that get bored after awhile who didn’t have a hobby or two to make the transition a bit easier.”

Why is teamwork an important aspect when working at Pantex?
"We all have a job to do and accomplish here at Pantex. In reality, we cannot do it alone. Jobs can be stressful, burdensome, and sometimes we can get overwhelmed when accomplishing our task for the day, week, or longer. Relying on others to share the load, the burden, or even the stress allows us to concentrate more clearly, become less overworked and enjoy the sense of accomplishing something together. Having the knowledge that someone else is watching my back as my day or week progresses allows me to focus on the task at hand and relieves any stress related to the job.”