Pantex donates to Discovery Center

  • Posted: Monday, August 1, 2022, 12:26 pm

Senior director for Pantex Engineering, Joe Papp

On June 29, senior director for Pantex Engineering, Joe Papp visited Don Harrington Discovery Center to get a firsthand look at how the center is using a $10,000 donation from Pantex.

$5,000 of the funds went towards helping sponsor STEM Summer Camps. The center runs week-long camps all summer long, and this particular week’s camp was “Make It or Break It - Robots, buildings, and roller coasters.” Students answered questions such as, how do we build them? What can be built to withstand an earthquake? What does it take to destroy a well-built house? They tested ‘Make It or Break It’ abilities through engineering, coding, and brilliant building ideas.

“Because of Pantex support, DHDC has been able to enhance our STEM programming, which has been great for this week’s camp,” DHDC Deputy Director Regina Ralston said.

“I am so impressed with the cubits and how the campers can create with them,” Papp said.

The remaining $5,000 from the donation will be used for the “Discover Through Time Life and Earth Science Exhibit.” This exhibit will highlight the various animals and plants of the region, correlating them to the progression of ecological development throughout our rich history. It will feature breakout spaces with learning opportunities such as reading nooks, hands-on exploration activities, and a life science observation lab.

Senior director for Pantex Engineering, Joe Papp